Milestones in our company's long history Since the company foundation, we are constantly developing ourselves further and, with our creativity, technical know-how and innovative ideas, we are continuously writing history: 1952 - Bette founded by Heinrich Bette and Günther Schlichtherle. 1961 - Development of the in-house forming technology. 1975 - Fritz-Wilhelm Pahl entered the firm and leaded it until 2012. 1985 - Development of shower trays with the first extra flat shower. 1992 - Continuation with the development of the ultra-flat shower tray. 1995 - Launch of the first bath and shower combination BETTECORA. 2006 - Development of the first flush-to-floor shower tray BETTEFLOOR. 2009 - Expansion of product range to include washbasins made of steel/enamel. 2011 - Thilo C. Pahl joins the company as a managing partner. 2011 - Introduction of BETTEONE - our first designline for bathing, showerung and washing. 2012 - Opening of the BETTEBAULABORS.