The way we live has become an expression of our personalities, and as society becomes more individualised thereis a growing need for new means of expression at all levels of style. In the furnishing world, variety reigns supreme –variety in terms of styles, interior concepts and trends. But how can we in the sanitary industry respond to thesedivergent tendencies when we need to be so mindful of long-lasting quality and sustainability? Ultimately, we aredrawing inexorably closer to the machinery of design, fashion, culture and architecture being expedited by thelifestyle principle. The bathroom has been discovered as living space – a rough diamond, untapped territory in theeyes of many a furnishing brand. It would be neither in our own interest nor to the consumer‘s benefi t if we left thisfi eld to be developed by providers from outside the sector. Brands like burgbad should rise to the challenge anddevelop concepts for the new, cosy bathroom of today. Concepts like the bathroom furniture collection by the name of rc40. Back in 2005, we launched this innovativeproduct for making the most of the bathroom‘s space at a time when the sector was only just beginning to think aboutspace concepts. rc40 broke down walls and provided food for thought. With its continued evolution into a tool thatallows architects, interior designers and bathroom planners to replace the wall entirely, we have set a benchmarkin this fi eld once and for all. That is something we are incredibly proud of – as our appearance at this year‘s ISH goes to show. Besides a newbooth concept that was developed in collaboration with Bottega+Ehrhardt Architects and welcomes cosiness as thenew design principle, we are also presenting a compact communication tool that showcases our new products witha wealth of texts and photos. Cosiness and lifestyle coupled with reliable quality and professionalism for the dependable planning of sanitaryspaces – that is what characterises our new product world by the name of conceptwall, the second focal point ofour ISH presentation. Less architectural than rc40 but extremely becoming and versatile, conceptwall is a universallydeployable system of bathroom furniture that can adapt to any tastes and any space – as varied as the world offurnishings and as individual as the bathroom‘s users. With conceptwall, burgbad is embarking on the adventure ofinterior design once and for all. Why don‘t you join us? Enjoy the read! burgbad, German manufacturer of furniture and room concepts for the bathroom was founded in 1945 in the Westphalian town of Bad Fredeburg. Since 2010, the international company, with production sites in Bad Fredeburg, Greding, Lauterbach-Allmenrod and the French town of Nogent le Roi, has been a 100% subsidiary of the ECZACIBASI Group. The burgbad brand offers numerous creative solutions for the realisation of individual, stylish bathrooms in high aesthetic and technical quality.